The Guard is a deity usually thought of as a woman walking her beat, watching for trouble.

At the first choosing if a child receives a badge of office.  The child will then be given to a trainers for combat, investigation, and similar trainings.

At the second choosing, an apprentice chosen as a journeyman will be given the plume of their type of guard.

The Guard's holy symbol is a helmet with a plume, the color matching the type of guard.  All Guards wear such helmets.

Blue for City Watchmen

Red for the Priest's Guard

Green for Prison Wardens

Yellow for Lady's Bower

White for Guard-Priest

Black for Guard-Heroes

There are no Guard Merchants.

At the third Choosing, if a Guard is to become a master, they will be given a pair of thick soled comfortable boots. 


Typical offerings to the Guard include:

Copper, Truncheons, boots with the soles worn out


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